I've always been partial to Modern--The optimistic worldview, the almost naive belief that the future holds within its very fabric an improved state-of-being, a better tomorrow, a more fertile and wonderful existence, well, who the heck doesn't love that?

This series was quite long in the making. It is unlike any of my previous work, and it is a complete break from my prior aesthetic. The imagery is powerful. The edges are hard and crisp and exaggeratedly highlighted. The colors are bold and aggressive. The compositions are carefully thought out and painstakingly arranged. Each piece is a crafted visual universe, a stage where hues melt into hues, light dissolves into shadow, and darkness reshapes itself into light. These paintings are fun, engaging, and a joy to create. I hope you find them equally entertaining.

I am currently in the process of re-acquainting galleries with my work, contacting past collectors, and assembling my mailing list. Please feel free to explore this site, and contact me if you are interested in receiving any more infomation.



Chasing Hans Hoffmann

color sketch 22"x30" acrylic/mm board
painting 36"x48" acrylic on canvas

copyright © 2007